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About company

Company CERTUS has been successfully operating in Latvia and in neighboring Baltic countries since year 1997. During this time we have accumulated vast experience in execution of projects connected with inner utility lines in buildings.

Competitiveness of our company is based on an integrated approach: we are representatives of manufacturers, we execute engineering projects and calculations, and we build the objects.

Official distributor DanVex, Airwell, Wesper, AZ-cats in Latvia.
Official distributor TMF
in the Baltic States and Europe.
Official partner P3 Ductal
in Latvia.
Member of SystemAir.
Official distributor in Latvia.


Our partners

Our company cooperate with many partners world-wide and always interested in new contacts. You can see our partners in this section (Airwell, Extremate, Tadiran, P3, Wesper, Metal Press, Itelco, Twitoplast, Termofor, Aspirnova, AZ Pokorniy, Hewalex, Eurotubi, Hosseven, Samsung, Mitsubishi elektric, Daikin, Fujitsu, LG, Systemair, Swegon, Flaktwoods, Recair, Apen group, Sonninger, Yahtec).


  • Samsung
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • LG
  • Daikin
  • Fujitsu
  • Termofor
  • Airwell
  • Tadiran
  • Extremate
  • Hewalex
  • AZ pokorny
  • Hosseven
  • Eurotubi
  • Aspirnova
  • Twitoplast
  • P3 Italy
  • BB consulting
  • MetalPress
  • Itelco Clima Srl
  • Wesper
  • SystemAir
  • Swegon
  • Flaktwoods
  • Apen Group
  • Sonninger
  • Yahtec
  • Interior Design