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Fire bricked cooking stoves

Short description

These stoves have become very popular thanks to following advantages:

  • First of all the range of devices is very wide, from small burners till serious kitchen cooking aggregates, which allows to satisfy any need of the customer.
  • Possibility to operate on any type of solid fuel.
  • Fine-tuning system of operation modes, starting with fast heating up and ending with “smoldering” mode, when the stove produces heat without re-fill for 12-15 hours.
  • And finally, it has great design and body finishing from thermo resistant enamel that make these stoves into a nice decoration of any interior.

Good supplement to the stoves are chimney pipes that are also covered by thermo resistant enamel, which provides aesthetic completeness to the ensemble. Tubes that are covered with thermo resistant enamel will serve you for a long time and will not change their color, a feature that is not attributable to stainless tubes. Black, brown, white and beige tubes are produced.