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Stove for steam bath

Short description

These are designed to heat the steam room and joint rooms of the sauna, and to heat the water and create steam. They are developed based on the study of local and foreign samples, experience of the manufacturer, and based on wishes of our clients - knowledgeable experts and devotees of Russian sauna.

The surface of heating stove (fire chamber, heat pockets, etc.) that bear the most of the thermal load are made from expensive heat resisting high-alloy stainless steel with at least 16% of chrome.

New: Barrel

Bath stove "Barrel" is designed for the preparation of Russian steam bath or Finnish sauna dry air in doubles in volume 8-18 cubic meters and is a further development of the project "Sayany”.


Features and benefits

  • Unique design
  • Change the weight and bulk density of rock laying can change convection, radiant heat storage properties
  • The thickness of the parts of the furnace, the most prone to thermal and mechanical stress is increased by 1.5 times.
  • A large stone laying - the heater is placed up to 150 kg of stones


New: Skoroparka

The «Skoroparka» wood-burning steam bath conditioner stove is designed for fast preparation of a Russian steam bath and water heating. It reaches classic conditions of a Russian steam bath within the shortest time and maintains them with minimum human participation.



  • Volume of the steam room: 12 m3 (min) - 20 m3 (max)
  • Fuel type: Wood
  • Volume of the firebox: 45 l



"Skoroparka" closed heater

Bath stove Geyser 2014


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